We offer a range of workshops open to members and non-members. See program for details and locations.
Please read instructions carefully for registration procedures.

  • Conservation of works on paper for botanical artists with Conservator, Caroline O’Rorke

Sunday 17 March
Venue: Wellers Hill Art Hub, 140 Weller Rd, Tarragindi
9.30 am—2 pm
Preventative conservation is the key to preserving works of art. This workshop will outline methods to consider - from the creation of your work through to storage, framing and display. Students will learn conservation techniques to mount one of their artworks. Handouts will cover the basics and identify key resources for further research.

All skill levels

  • Specimen selection, preparation and botanical illustration with tutor Nita C Lester

Sunday 24 March
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
9.30 am—4 pm
Learn how to select, prepare and preserve your specimens; research species features necessary for identification; record details using drawings, colour records and draft layouts; compare botanical art, botanical illustration and botanical innovation.

All skill levels 

  • Painting Australian native orchids with tutor Louise Saunders

Saturday & Sunday 27 & 28 April OR Saturday & Sunday 1 & 2 june
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
9.30 am—4.30 pm
Australian Native orchids make beautiful subjects to paint due to their unique forms and exquisite colours. Louise will demonstrate drawing and painting techniques and give guidance from composition, colour strength, colour mixing and the fine details that help make your painting pop.
First day April workshop: Work on your composition using an assortment of photographs and drawings. Work on a simple specimen or a more complex arrangement that may include leaves, moss and ferns.
Second Day: Begin the painting process using painting techniques to enhance and strengthen your use of colour.
BASQ members will have an opportunity to display orchid paintings at the 9th Australasian native orchid conference and show ‘Get going, get growing' 21–26 august 2019, strathpine, queensland
First day June workshop: Field trip from Wynnum to Venmans Reserve to observe orchids growing in their natural environment along with ferns, mosses, sticks, leaves and grasses. Keen observation combined with photography and sketching in situ will be needed to work up a variety of field sketches and colour swatches. Afternoon:  Back in the studio to refine drawings.
Second Day: In the studio; Using photographs and field sketches refine your drawings and work on the colour swatches for the entire plant using your photographs and your field colour swatches.  By the end of the weekend you should have lots of drawings and colour references good enough to enable you to build a satisfactory composition for future paintings.
All skill levels

  • Composition: competency and/or creativity with tutor Cathrin Bull

Sunday 23 June
9.30 pm—4.30 pm
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
This workshop focuses on composition and the opportunities that composition provides to invigorate any botanical artwork. The basics will not only be introduced but interrogated including format, balance, layout and organisation of content (mass and colour) and the positive use of space.  Through a series of exercises using A4 and A3 sized sheets, pencil, pen and collage which the group will jointly critique and discuss, participants will develop a personal checklist for their ongoing consideration in future work.
All skills levels

  • Art Folios and handmade books with tutor Jan Houghton

Friday & Saturday 19, 20 July
Optional 1 or 2 days
9.30 am—4.30 pm
Venue: 31 Fernbourne Rd, Wellington Point
This workshop will have 2 main components using both handmade and commercially   available paper with surface treatments suitable for the beginner or the more advanced participant.
Everyone will leave with several books suitable for an art journal, travel diary, photo album, birthdays, recipes etc and an art folio covered and lined with speciality paper.
The techniques used will allow the participants to continue in their own studio.
All skills levels

  • Drypoint etching (includes $30 kit) with tutor Kylie Stapleton

Saturday & Sunday 24, 25 August
9.30 am—4.30 pm
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
Using your own sketch images and designs, you will be introduced to the basics of the printmaking technique, drypoint engraving. On Day 1, you will be learning, engraving and practising. By Day 2, you will be producing your own prints. Price for the workshop includes a kit containing all necessary materials for each participant as well as the use of shared group materials and the printing press.
All skills levels

  • Light & dark – 3 dimensionality with tutor Eva Richards

Sunday 15 September
9.30 am—4.30 pm
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
Using mainly graphite and ink we will explore the use of the full black and white tonal range to create realism and perspective in botanical subject matter.
We will consider, in particular, different kinds of form and cast shadow and how these, used appropriately, can take your work to the next level.
All skills levels

  • Spotlight on graphite and ink with tutor Eva Richards

Sunday 17 October
9.30 am—4.30 pm
Venue: Wynnum Manly Arts, Florence St, Wynnum
Seed pods and butterflies, as well as being personal favourites, offer exercises in a varied range of textures which are suited to working in graphite and ink.
We will consider, in particular, compositional techniques suitable for these types of subject matter.
All skills levels

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