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Beryl Robertson

Dendrobium canaliculatum
tea tree orchid

2019, watercolour on paper
35 x 18 cm

Collected 1770: Endeavour River

Observed 2018: Nursery grown, Mooloola

This charming and somewhat stylised depiction shows the cone shaped pseudobulbs with aerial roots, deeply channelled leaves, and delightful sprays of flowers that are long lasting and pleasantly scented. The artist expresses the curious mixture of hardiness and fragility that characterises many orchid species.

Dendrobium canaliculatum colonises a variety of habitats and thrives in the coastal forests of broad-leaved paperbark (Melaleuca viridiflora), giving rise to its common name tea tree orchid.

Bees from the genus Hylaeus pollinate the orchid, which offers a chemical reward in exchange for pollination by the bee.

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