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Beverley J Irwin

Pseuderanthemum variabile
love plant

2019, watercolour on paper
30 x 14 cm

Collected 1770: Bustard Bay, Thirsty Sound, Endeavour River

Collected 2019: Toowoomba

This delicate and exquisitely detailed rendition depicts all aspects of the plant, from the dainty flowers to the leaves, stem and seed capsules that are covered with fine hairs, to the tuberous rhizomatic root.

A small, soft perennial herb that grows in a variety of habitats, particularly in moist forests and rainforest margins.

Pseuderanthemum variabile is an essential larvae food plant for several butterfly species, which is unusual as most plant genera are limited to one butterfly.

The intensive portrait fosters deep appreciation for this small plant that is often overlooked in the environment.

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