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Ellen Terrell

Cynometra iripa
wrinkle pod mangrove

2019, watercolour, graphite on paper 
56.5 x 39.5 cm

Collected 1770: Endeavour River

Observed 2019: Barratt Creek, Daintree

This composite portrait of the wrinkle pod mangrove, Cynometra iripa, includes a profile of the various mangrove species that live in the Daintree River’s lower reaches. The profile shows their adaptive relationship to variations in water salinity, extending from the low growing exposed coastal species to the much taller and more protected inland forms. The shaded portion of the profile indicates the region where the wrinkle pod mangrove thrives.

The specimen studies show the paired leaflets of the compound leaves and distinctive wrinkly seed pods with their lateral beaks. A muddy background is used to offset the small and delicate clusters of white flowers, and further allude to the tree’s habitat.

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