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Julia Hancock

Callicarpa pedunculata
beauty berry

2019, watercolour on paper
66 x 52 cm

Collected 1770: Endeavour River

Collected 2018: Murwillumbah

In this vivid and poetic portrait, the artist offers two reflected stems – one flowering and one fruiting. The simple sequences express the cycles of growth, maturation and death in singular detail and myriad colours. Also evident are the activities of insects across the soft and finely toothed leaves.

Callicarpa pedunculata is grown as an ornamental shrub. Attracting wildlife and pollinators, its dense habit provides protection for small birds, and the abundant fruit are an appealing food for birds and other wildlife. The fruit is astringent and too acidic to be eaten by people.

Melaleuca citrinus
red bottlebrush

2019, watercolour on paper
64 x 41 cm

Collected 1770: Botany Bay

Collected 2018: Murwillumbah

The free and lively feeling emanating from this superb plant portrait belies the intensive, painstaking detail evident on close inspection. The artist has rendered each leaf, branch, seed capsule and flower with individual variation, including blemishes and textures, achieving great naturalism.

Bottle brushes are among the best known Australian plants. Melaleuca citrinus hybridises readily. Resultant hybrids are popular garden plants.

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