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Penny Watson

Goodenia rotundifolia
round leaved goodenia

2019, watercolour on paper
26 x 43 cm

Collected 1770: Bustard Bay

Observed 2018: Toohey Forest

The artist portrays the plant in rhythmical simplicity, expressing the dainty quality of the flower formations, nestled as tiny living jewels or small stars of pure yellow on the forest floor. The three stems arise from a central rosette, with the main stem featuring fruit as well as flowers and leaves with distinctive zigzag edges.

Goodenia rotundifolia is a perennial herb and sprawling ground cover found in sclerophyll woodland and forest. It has been cultivated for gardens. This species is a food plant for caterpillars of the meadow argus butterfly (Junonia villida).

Lotus australis 
austral trefoil

2019, digital print on paper
55 x 38 cm

Collected 1770: Bustard Bay, Thirsty Sound

Observed 2018: Cambooya

This digitally drawn image portrays a small, perennial, herbaceous legume that is uncommon but widespread in temperate and subtropical areas, from grassland to sclerophyl forest.

The artist has used the digital art application Procreate, with an Apple Pencil on an Apple iPad Pro. This stylised rendition demonstrates an innovative direction in contemporary botanical art.

The artwork depicts all aspects of the plant’s lifecycle, including its distinctive root system with additional stems resprouting from the lignotuber, upright habit, trifoliate leaves, long tubular seedpods and showy crowning pea flowers.

The seeds and roots of Lotus australis are eaten by Indigenous peoples. It is also a caterpillar food plant, including common grass blue butterfly (Zizina labradus).

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