Robyn Douglas

Robyn has lived in a rural environment for most of her life, as a child and since her marriage. For eight years she worked as a physiotherapist in Australia and overseas.

In their business of beef cattle production – using environmentally sustainable practices – her family was intimately involved with the landscape in the Brigalow woodland and vine scrub north of Roma in Western Queensland.

Her interest in the native plants took on another dimension when in 2010 record rainfall occurred in the district. The reappearance of plants which hadn’t been seen for thirty years set her on a path of recording them; just drawing what she saw with a basic set of coloured pencils.

Encouragement from an ecologist and a local botanist led to completing the Leonie Norton Certificate of Botanical Art.

Robyn now works mainly with high quality, lightfast coloured pencils which allow her to work quickly from live specimens, many of which lose colour when picked. The drawings are completed over the life cycle of the plants over a period of many months. Pressed specimens and photos are kept for reference.

Changing land use, seasonal variations and the ephemeral nature of the plants drive her with a sense of urgency to complete her record.